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Cardigan State Park
Phone: 603-823-7722, Ext. 757

Location: Off Route 18, Orange, NH

Activities: Hiking

Fee: None

Operation Schedule: Year-round

Acreage: 5,655 acres

More Information:
Cardigan State Park spans 5,655 acres and is an excellent area in New Hampshire for hiking. A mountain road leads to trails on the western slope of Mount Cardigan as well as a trail to the summit. Here, Mount Cardigan's 3,121-foot treeless granite summit affords outstanding views of west central N.H., with a spectacular view that includes Mt. Monadnock and the White Mountains, Camel's Hump in Vermont, and Pleasant Mountain in Maine.

Cardigan State Park also includes picnic tables at a great spot for picnicking.

Note: Cardigan State Park is unstaffed but is open to the public year-round at no charge.

Important: This information was posted on June 24, 2008 and all information, services and fees are subject to change.