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Annett Wayside Park
Phone: 603-485-2034

Location: On Route 119, Cathedral Rd, Rindge

Activities: Picnicking

Amenities: Picnic tables, pit toilets

Fee: None

Operation Schedule: Mid-May to Early-November

Acreage: Part of Annett State Forest, 1,494 acres

Number of Campsites: None

More Information: Annett Wayside Park is part of the 1,494 acre Annett State Forest and is located near the Cathedral of the Pines National Shrine. It is a beautiful spot for picnicking. A 1/4 mile hiking trail offers a pleasant stroll to the edge of Black Reservoir.

Annett Wayside Park is unstaffed but is open to the public year-round at no charge. Gates are open during daylight hours from mid-May and close in early November. Picnic tables and pit toilets are available.