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NHStateParks.com is a private website created by George C. Jobel, PO BOx 6184, Penacook, NH 03303.

We are striving to bring you thorough, accurate information about ALL publicly owned camping/park facilities within the state of NH, both state and federal, knowing the confusion the difference sometimes brings. Also, we have diligently tried to compile and incorporate useful information about many of NH's scenic wonders and tips on how you might best enjoy our great outdoors.

This site is the result of nearly 250 hours of labor for research, photography and web site creation. Most of the photography of the web site was taken by George C. Jobel with some of the header photography provided by NH Fish and Game.

Our thanks go out to many who helped along the way.

Former Governor Jeanne Shaheen
NH Department of Resources and Economic Development
NH Department of Fish and Game
White Mountains Attractions

…..and especially the dedicated men and women of the NH Division of Parks and Recreation and the US Forest Service who endured our endless questions. God Bless you all!

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We are delighted to help but please keep in mind that we are NOT affiliated with the State of New Hampshire, its Park System or the US Forest Service or the White Mountain National Park!

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